Gen Bee Hair & Body Oil
Gen Bee Hair & Body Oil

Gen Bee Hair & Body Oil

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Inspired by the bees love for natural scents, our hair and body oils are the perfect addition to your daily routine. Many hair and body sprays are filled with chemicals and harmful synthetic ingredients that leave you smelling like a chemical factory. Generation Bee Hair & Body Oils feature only all-natural, organic essential oils that not only leave your skin soft and shiny, they smell absolutely divine!

A perfectly elegant mixture of oils mingled with a proprietary blend of other amazing organic essential oils makes these a crowd favorite.

Spray a bit on the tips of your hair or on your arms and legs to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth while leaving just the right natural scent.



Fractionated Coconut Oil
made from coconut oil
  - softens
  - hydrates
  - readily absorbs
  - increases essential oil distribution

Mandarin Essential Oil
cold-pressed oil from the outer rind of the fruit
  - reduces acne
  - brightens skin
  - reduces oil skin
  - diminishes scars and spots
  - minimizes stress and wrinkles

Tulip Essential Oil
derived from the flowers of the tulip plant
  - soothes irritation
  - facilitates tighter and firmer skin
  - minimizes stress and wrinkles

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